Our CORONA measures


Our check-in is totally automated if needed. You will receive a code to enter. Once inside the badge for the room and front door will be waiting for you on the reception table. We ask everyone to always wash their hands when they enter our house . A no-touch dispenser will be at your disposal at the entrance door. Off course, we are just a phone call or door bell away to help you in case you need us.



We will only allow for payments by credit card. Depending on the amount you will be able to pay without inserting your card. We will sanitize the terminal after every use. Our staff will wear masks at all time during check-out


Our cleaning staff will always wear masks and if possible gloves during cleaning. They will sanitize all rooms during cleaning . We will not enter the room during your stay unless requested.
All common rooms will be cleaned on a daily basis. We will make sure all door nobs and handles are cleaned daily.

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